The most effective method to get an orgasm together with your lover or partner is an inquiry I get from people always. They would ask me, “can we achieve this using sex toys like a pussy pump or nipple clamps?” Also, indeed, there is nowhere in the world where it is stated that you and your partner have to climax at the same time.

Yet, you can’t ignore that fact that the idea has been romanticized in books, films, and what have you. We have all viewed hunky performers in normal motion pictures and even in porn movies snorting, moaning and groaning as his lady scratches his back in wanton surrender, as she receives pleasure to the fullest.

Let us be honest, I am sure you have one way or the other wish to try it to your lover or partner.

There’s no need to feel bad or shy if you have had that feeling. However, the sex-drive is the most grounded drive we have, significantly more grounded than the drive for self-conservation if you look how neglectfully men and ladies carry on in their need to scratch the sexual tingle.


The issue with concurrent orgasm

It’s a known fact that women take more persuasion to attain the big O compared to men, who just do a little pushing and pulling (OK, I am writing from a woman’s view here… but talk to any man about this and he’ll confirm I’m right. In actual fact, the “O” is known to make most men feel anxious as they worry over their lover or partner faking it).

So, between a woman with sexual needs lying below you and a hard erect cock that has pulped your brain, how can this state seem so unachievable be attained?

The answer can only be seen in the physiology of orgasms

This is not rocket science; all you need to do is make your woman prepared. To do a great job, you might need some foreplay classes. You must make your lady desire you and feeling sopping wet before penetrating her. To be honest, the perfect time to penetrate into a woman is when she is willing to beg for it.

Put that tongue and fingers to work.

Use your tongue to explore all her body like your life depends on it, biting and licking all her sensitive areas like the breast, neck, and nipples while you lick your way to her navel. Spend some time there so as to build her anticipation. You are doing this to hold her at the edge of unattained gratification, but not to make her cum. Play with her labia and clitoris by blowing air on it prior to licking them with your mouth. You can use a pussy pump to do this. You can check here to order a pussy pump.

Do not just head for her clitoris; first lick all her down part. This time is the right time to use your fingers. Knowing you do not want her to cum yet, you can use just one or two fingers.

Take time to observe how she is reacting from time to time. You can know if she having fun by monitoring her expressions, her face and how she is clutching tightly on the pillow or bed sheet. Immediately she starts pushing your head towards her pussy, take a stop and whisper to her asking if she wants more.

Before you finish the third round of the action, she will be begging for you to pump her with your hard cock. Now is the right time to fuck her hard, but hey wait! Try to control your urge.

Only let go when you are sure you are feeling her muscles clamping your penis; some women if not all at this point will involuntarily shut their eyes. Even a silent lover will certainly moan.

These actions should tell you it is time to fill her up. If you find it difficult to hold your ejaculation then I think you should try out Kegel exercises.

I am sure you are wondering if it also works for men. Yes it does!